In construction sites, lap joint, gas pressure welded joint, swelling bolt joint, and etc are being used to joint reinforcing bars. However, there are some problems such as a strength deterioration in the coupling portion, an increasing in the amount of rebar used, a difficulty in concreting, and transformation of rebar material.
The mechanical coupler, "U-TAPER COUPLER", which Hasco has developed, does not transform and shock rebar material. It also fully absorbs static load and dynamic load (tensile,pressing,bending,fatigue strength), and accordingly secures a safety construction of ferroconcrete structure by its durability against earthquake, vibration, and strong wind.

  Price competitiveness in comparison with the existing ones.
  Easy to work with and quick to install by the minimum number of joint parts
  June Registration of patent for connector easily connected for steel reinforcing and
  construction method (Reg. No. 0387998)
  To keep external fatigue durability by contact bolt connection
  To improve concrete leveling by design from reinforcing bar shape
  To keep the body strength of reinforcing bar in a connection way of being caught on rebar